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Smt Jeethy Nair

An easy going, friendly exterior hides an enviable legacy.

A celebrated performing artiste from a legendary Indian institution.

A distinguished Post graduate of the royal M.S (Maharaja Sayaji Rao) University at Baroda, under the tutelage of ‘Kalakshetra Anjali Mehr’, Jeethy carries her laurels lightly. Shrimati Anjali Mehr was the great Rukmini Devi Arundale’s first student and thus created history by founding the world’s first famous Indian dance institution ‘Kalakshetra’.

Jeethy was blessed to do her ‘arangetram’ (first performance) for Shrimati Rukmini Devi, who travelled all the way from Chennai to Baroda to witness this.b1 Jeethy went on to perform under invitation around the world and capped it with a performance at the Rashtrapathi Bhavan before the President of India. She went on to choreograph and teach dance at the ‘University of Mumbai’

Jeethy brings with her the puritanical, disciplined, and structured style of Bharatanatyam, and over forty five years of experience.

She remains unassuming, and publicity shy.



An extremely talented young performer creating a new space in the field of expression, through movement.

A trained graduate in Bharata natyam from the pure original styles of ‘Kalakshetra’ under the tutelage of Jeethy – her mentor and guru. Together they are envisaging an indoctrination of a more pure style of Bharatanatyam through ‘Samyukta’.

Khushi is a western classical Ballet artiste, who has over a decade, strived with great dedication and discipline to dance on ‘Pointe’. A dedicated Ballet school ‘On Pointe’ here at Thiruvananthapuram, aims to provide specialised classical ballet training.

‘Samyukta’ and ‘On Pointe’ will together weave the best of both these great dance forms into what they envisage will be a new outcome – classical yet somehow Indian in appeal.