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‘Samyukta’ (meaning union ) – is a Gurukul (staying and learning with the guru) based academy which aims to create and pursue excellence in dance, It is nestled in a most enchanting natural setting by a lake.    

‘Samyukta’ derives inspiration from Kalakshetra, and strives to incorporate all the features of it’s Gurukul system, trying hard to unite the key aspects of old traditions of training while building on the technological advancements of the modern evolving world. Students are taught besides dance; music, language, and dance theory, and while residing in the institution, be fully immersed in it’s culture.     

 We have created a unique educational platform where the dancer can pursue full time dance as well as continue formal school or college academics, without losing out on vital certifications.      Residential students can seek and may be permitted to receive cross training in classical western ballet techniques, through our associate Ballet school ‘On Pointe’   www.onpointe.co.in.      

Our goal is to develop such dancer’s skills to their highest potential, inspiring and transforming passionate students into versatile artistes with a holistic, global perspective of classical dance, laced with an Indian narrative, and it’s essentially human environment. ‘Samyukta’ seeks to combine artistic expression and solid classical dance technique with physical discipline, in this unique format, to develop a mastery of fundamental and advanced movements, to create poetry in motion.

If you want to dance your dream, then this is it !

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Our Heritage and Lineage

Samyukta traces it’s lineage to the great ‘Kalakshetra’, the world’s most famous ‘Gurukul’ centre for India’s classical dance ‘Bharatanatyam’. Samyukta’s derives its strength from it’s founder, mentor and guru Smt. Jeethy, whose own guru Smt. Anjali Merh was among the earliest students of Kalakshetra’s founder Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale, incidentally travelled all the way to M.S University Baroda to be present at Smt. Jeethy’s  arangetram.                                                                                                                                                              

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