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As Bharatanatyam is an extensive performing art form, the time it takes to complete training depends on the intensity of the training program. If we use Kalakshetra as a reference point, it is five years of full-time training, or about 5,000 hours of classes.

Because students would typically have full-time school, dance practice has to fit into the limited free time they have. A few class hours each week means that it takes longer for a student to become proficient, and that students must have the motivation to practice on their own at home. This is easier said than done.

We understand this dichotomy, and have created a unique educational platform where the dancer can pursue full time dance as well as continue formal school or college academics, without losing out on vital certifications.

new-picture-4If the student has not yet completed her 10th, then we can tutor her through that and help her take the Secondary Board exams of the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). NIOS has an excellent content and is the world’s largest and most successful open school.

Similarly if the student has passed her 10th but needs to get past the +2 or Higher Secondary, we will help tutor her through the NIOS. The NIOS incidentally has many electives to mix and match, and makes learning much more fun.

Visit NIOS at

If the student has cleared her Higher secondary, and feels the need to undertake a graduate course, then Samyukta will once again help tutor her through any Distance learning graduate program. ‘Sinerjetik’, our group holding company is working on a collaboration with a university of repute to grant degrees for ‘Samyukta’s’ learning platform.

Thus a serious student who wants to realize her dream of pursuing performing art as a full time option, need not despair anymore about formal academics. Submit yourself to us and we will help transform you – through school and into college and hopefully into life as well.