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Research and cross training in Western Classical dance Forms.

Full time students at our ‘Gurukul’ can specially seek and may be permitted to receive training in classical western ballet techniques.

dsc03425Our Ballet school ‘On Pointe’ conducts classes in the city. Full time serious students of Ballet have an option to pursue this under the residential program. These students may also cross train in classical Bharatanatyam.
Our goal is to develop such dancer’s skills to their highest potential, inspiring them with the love of dance in it’s classical entirety, transforming passionate students into versatile artistes with a holistic global perspective of dance and it’s essentially human environment.

Those artistes dreaming of presenting an Indian narrative through a bounded, classical form, yet unbound in expressive movement: Whether for pure enjoyment or professional pursuits; the cross training platform provided by ‘Samyukta’ and ‘On Pointe’- unique to Indian classical dance, will combine artistic expression and solid classical dance technique with physical discipline to develop a mastery of fundamental and advanced movements, to create poetry in motion.

If you want to dance your dream, then this is it !

(Visit <www.onpointe.co.in> for details on our Classical Ballet school)

If you have any questions, or if you’re interested in joining us for any part of this journey, please contact us